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Jammer Arms (ISO)

Jammer Arms (ISO)

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Our SR-1000 Series Jammer Arms replace many machines you might rely on in a commercial gym, giving you even more reason to bring the gym home! This innovative squat rack attachment offers a ton of versatility and saves you precious floor space by replacing bulky equipment and easily storing out of the way when not in use. Because of our unique bearing design, our Jammer Arms can travel through a full 180-degree arc to offer endless training options. With this one attachment, you're able to train more dynamically: row, deadlift, squat, press, belt squat - seated or standing - and much more.

The independent arms allow lifters of all strength levels to seamlessly move between two-sided and one-sided movements, adding ease and versatility to your workout routine. These heavy duty Jammer Arms are constructed with a 4-way hole pattern so athletes have a completely modular arm (sliding the handle up and down, changing the handle's orientation, adding j-hooks) that allows you to keep innovating.

Key Features Adjusts to accommodate different movements and heights. Heavy duty (11 gauge) 3mm thick steel with 75mm x 75mm frame. Plastic lining to protect powder coating on your uprights. Two high point secure lock-in positions for extra versatility. Eye-bolt design to allow for belt squatting and other attachments. Removable and easily adjustable knurled handled. Stainless steel accents. Easily stored in locked, out-of-the-way upright position to save space.


  • (11 gauge) 3mm thick steel with 75mm x 75mm frame
  • Weight - 30kg per arm
  • Length - 1060mm
  • Width - 787mm (Includes plate holder and handle.)

Sold in Pairs.

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