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SR-1000 Series Half Rack

SR-1000 Series Half Rack

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The HR-2.0 is a premium standard commercial half rack. Fully loaded, the HR-2.0 is highly multifunctional with attachments like multi-grip pull up bar, x12 plate holders and x12 band pegs included. With its heavy duty J hooks and safety arms, there is no need to worry about a spotter. What makes the HR-2.0 stand out from the rest, apart from its quality and included attachment, the HR-2.0 is fully compatible with attachments from our SR-1000 Series. From dip stations and landmine attachments to ISO Arms and cable lat pull-down attachments, the HR-2.0 is the only rack you will ever need. Compatible Attachments (SR-1000 Series Attachments) ISO Arms Dip Attachments Landmine Attachment Leg Rollers Barbell Hanger Built For Abuse

The HR-2.0 is built from heavy duty (11 gauge) 3mm thick steel with 75mm x 75mm frame and is rated to 454kg. Its stand alone ability allows the rack to be used fully without having to bolt it to the ground. However for added stability there is still the option to bolt it to the ground with x4 bolt down feet.

Multi-Grip Pull Ups -The Multi-Grip Pull Up Bar provides wide, narrow, and neutral grip options so you can add variety to your programming without having to change your configuration setup. Band Pegs - With the HR-2.0, there's no need to carry heavy dumbbells over when wanting to add resistance to your training. Included with this rack are x12 band pegs that are perfect for attaching resistance bands for explosive power. Weight Plate Storage Bars Keep your gym tidy at all times and create more floor space with our x12 plate holders attached to the HR-2.0. J-Hooks and Safety Arms. The J-hooks and safety arms included in the HR-2.0 are built to take abuse. The heavy duty steel along with ultra-high molecular weight plastic is the perfect combination to carry all the weight you can throw at it while keeping your barbell and other equipment intact.

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